“Just Be Patient!” What We Can Learn From A Caterpillar On Our Journey To Transformational Customer Experience

A butterfly is a great metaphor for how transforming your CX can take time to become something beautiful.

You’re probably thinking, “Shelby, what the heck are you talking about?” “Why are you talking about a caterpillar in a blog about Customer Experience?”

To that, I must say, “Let me explain.”

There is a book my kids absolutely love called “The Very Impatient Caterpillar” by Ross Burach. The book is about this caterpillar, who learns from his friends that he can become a butterfly, but it takes time and patience to transform. The story, much like building a thoughtful customer experience journey, reminds me that it takes time…Time to create. Time to nurture. And time to realize the rewards of all of that waiting.

So, what’s a brand to do?

You need to transform your customer experience now, but don’t have the time to wait. You wonder how you’ll ever get customers to come back after they’ve purchased from you one time. You wonder how you’ll expand your customer base to drive increased revenue.

And like the caterpillar’s friends say in the book, I must also say, “Just be patient.”

It takes time to really think through the ins and outs of how you currently engage with your customer. How you want to change what’s not working. How you want to encourage customer referrals and expand your customer base.

Now that doesn’t mean you can just sit back and wait before you’ve done any real work. You have to put the time in up front to see transformational change. However, once you’ve put the work in, there is also some waiting involved. Waiting for your target customer to come along and realize they were lost without you. Waiting for the customer to go through the purchase process, which includes consideration, actual purchase, and post purchase evaluation. Then, waiting to see if the customer will recommend you to their friends.

So how do you put the work in to transform your customer experience from a caterpillar to a butterfly? You have to get clear on a few things:

  1. Define who your customer is
  2. Take inventory of everything you’re currently doing
  3. Evaluate which CX strategies are providing good, ok and no results
  4. Cut what’s not working
  5. Introduce strategies that better align with your customer’s needs and wants

You’re probably thinking, “This seems too simple.” “There’s no way that there are only five steps to transforming my customer experience.” And you’d be right, there is actually a sixth step: Repeat the process again and again until you have a smooth running customer journey that is getting you the results you want and delivering the experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Yes, building a great customer experience journey takes time and patience, but like the caterpillar, your relationship with your customer can transform into something truly beautiful if given the time.

How have you transformed your customer experience? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Or, if you need a bit more help to break down the steps for your business, feel free to contact me with your questions.

Published by Shelby Bono-Mitchell

My passion for exceptional customer experiences started early in working for major brands in the advertising industry and on the corporate side. I've had the opportunity to work with brands in the tech, retail, automotive and financial services industries to develop brand & communications strategies, optimize digital experiences, introduce UX analytics platforms to gain customer insights and shape customer messages. It is through a single customer experience that we have the power to captivate or sever our customer relationships, and my goal is to captivate.

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