Don’t Do It! The Number One Mistake We Make With Our Customers

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I did it! I committed the number one mistake when it comes to customer experience… and I’m not proud.

I ghosted YOU, my dear readers!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been posting less frequently the past few months. There are a few reasons for that, but I didn’t tell you why before I stopped posting as frequently… And that’s a big “no-no” in great customer experience.

I’ve mentioned before the importance of communication with your customers. Not just communication, but proactive communication that ensures your customer knows why something may be delayed, why your terms of service may be changing, exciting new things that are coming… and the list goes on and on.

What I should have done, was tell you that I’ve been developing a program for entrepreneurs and small business owners that helps them create long-term, meaningful relationships with their customers. Experiences that leave NO customer behind. A program that breaks down how to implement exceptional customer experiences in five easy steps. I’m taking out the complexity and, lets face it, the anxiety that can come from trying to do “all the things” to make your customers love you and sing your praises.

That said, the presell for my program will be launching in a few short weeks, and I’ll be heads down, creating some amazing content for those, who decide to join me. So, stay tuned if you’re interested in learning more.

That also means, my posts may still be a bit sporadic while I wrap-up creating that content. So, please bear with me a bit longer, and look for some more awesome content to come your way very soon!

Published by Shelby Bono-Mitchell

My passion for exceptional customer experiences started early in working for major brands in the advertising industry and on the corporate side. I've had the opportunity to work with brands in the tech, retail, automotive and financial services industries to develop brand & communications strategies, optimize digital experiences, introduce UX analytics platforms to gain customer insights and shape customer messages. It is through a single customer experience that we have the power to captivate or sever our customer relationships, and my goal is to captivate.

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